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"Design is so simple, that is why it is so complicated"– Paul Rand



As an international design company, we define ourselves as a business that likes to go against the flow. With a style defined by its elegance, we find our inspiration from different cultures and incorporate in our designs a new type of minimalism where ‘less is more’ is represented in a different way than usual. The influence of nature on our designs makes them a work of art in which flowers and plants are the main characters, painted in blue, gold and silver colors mainly.


Our main value is teamwork, where each and every member of the company has the full trust to go on their own and innovate, put ideas into practice and show their passion for design. We think big, we get big. We think outside the box and create quality patterns with a different purpose than the ordinary one, so that everyone can find our patterns on their walls, bags, shoes or even on their pillows.

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