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This new experience starts from the simplicity of the primordial elements and from the observation of Nature, in its multiplicity of shapes and shades. The simplicity of the primordial elements combined together becomes a manifestation of refinement. The eyes are the magnifying glass through which to search, capture and learn to translate the beauty of the universe into emotions in all its forms.

It is an invitation to enlarge and look carefully at every detail, every sign and every form to be able to appreciate the hidden beauty.

The Wood Element is all about renewal.A period of growth, which generates abundant wood and vitality

Metal is the diamond found in the rough . it is the breath of life. Metal respects itself and also respects others. It is strong and hard, but will adapt and change when put under pressure.

While the Earth is warm and nurturing, it can also become easily self-centered as it believes it is the center of everything. Earth is protective and the represent the roots that hold everything together,

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